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Ocoee Animal Hospital Staff

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Wanda Denslow, Office Manager

Wanda is the office manager at Ocoee Animal Hospital. She oversees the office staff and helps ensure the hospital’s schedule runs smoothly. Wanda leads staff meetings, implements training and protocols, creates and updates Doctor schedules, and prepares monthly statements. Her patience, organization, and professionalism make her a great asset to the Ocoee Animal Hospital team.

Wanda began working at the hospital in August of 2012. She is currently enrolled at Kennesaw State University, majoring in Psychology. Wanda enjoys working beside a caring, hard-working, and compassionate group of doctors. Interacting with clients and co-workers is her favorite part of the job.

At home, Wanda has five horses, four dogs and one cat. In her free time, Wanda enjoys crafting, motorcycle rides with her husband Jim, essential oils, and spending time with her three children.

Administrative Assistant

Dianne Strickland

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Administrative Assistant Dianne Strickland has been a member of our incredible team here at Ocoee Animal Hospital since October of 2003. Prior to her involvement at Ocoee, Dianne worked in the human health field, but ultimately chose to transition into the veterinary industry. Each day that Dianne comes in to our facility, she brings with her a bright smile and a positive attitude.

Dianne helps assist employees however possible, working closely with our Office Manager and various staff members. She loves being able to help both the staff she works with, and the animals she helps care for. “The doctors are wonderful and are a great group of employees with which to work,” Dianne proclaims.

At home, Dianne has 2 cats of her own, Frankie and Funnyface, as well as a dog named Isabella, who is a mixed breed with 3 legs. In addition to her cats and dog, Dianne looks after 4 ducks and 6 chickens. In her spare time, Dianne enjoys reading, working with youths, and playing with her grandkids.


Rayasha Cheek, Receptionist Supervisor

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Receptionist Supervisor Rayasha joined the team at Ocoee Animal Hospital in August of 2015. Her responsibilities include answering phones, mailing coupons and - her favorite part - greeting and interacting with pets and their parents.

“I like working here because it is like one big family. I know that I always have someone willing to help,” says Rayasha.

Rayasha has 1 mixed-breed dog named Woody. When she is not at work, she enjoys baking and reading.

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Tama Dunn, Assistant Receptionist Supervisor

Tama was born and raised in the Polk County, TN and Fannin County area. She has been at Ocoee for 16 years. She has two dogs and enjoys hiking, shopping and the beach!

Lisa Angel, Receptionist

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Since 1987, Lisa Angel has been our “constant” at the front desk with her unwavering smile and desire for customer satisfaction. She is responsible for greeting clients, answering phones, scheduling appointments and more! She most enjoys building relationships with clients and their pets.

Lisa believes that “the Doctors and staff at Ocoee Animal Hospital provide the ultimate experience in both patient care and customer service in the area.” She is proud and happy to be a part of the team!

When not at the hospital, she spends her free time with family. Lisa has 2 granddaughters, Alessa and Delaney and 1 grandson, Quinton. While her grandchildren do keep her busy, in her free time she enjoys baking, gardening and reading.

Lisa also has several pets including: Sammy, a miniature dachshund, Charlie, a wire-haired Dachshund and Minnie, an orange tabby.

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Cookie Fussell, Receptionist

Cookie is a full-time receptionist at Ocoee Animal Hospital. Some of her responsibilities include scheduling appointments and maintaining medical records. Her positive and uplifting personality loves interacting with clients daily. She enjoys the pleasant work atmosphere and teamwork within the hospital.

At home, Cookie cares for her 6-year old cat named Paige. In her free time, Cookie enjoys fishing, hiking, and gardening.

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Robin Boehning, Receptionist

Full time receptionist, Robin Boehning, joined the Ocoee Animal Hospital team in July of 2016. Some of her daily tasks include greeting clients, answering phones, documenting client information, and weighing patients. Robin loves meeting new people and interacting with clients and their pets.

Robin has two dogs, Brutus and Zola, and a cat named Prissy. She enjoys making Brutus and Zola dog treats, as well as her grand-dogs, Cahira and Bella. She likes to spend her free time with family, hiking, reading, and watching Netflix.

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Brittney Marie Turner, Receptionist

Brittney is a full-time receptionist at Ocoee Animal Hospital. Some of her responsibilities include greeting clients, answering phones, collecting payment, and assisting with medication. Brittany enjoys interacting with her co-workers, clients, and patients. She is currently enrolled at Tri County Community College, working towards a major in Psychology.

In her free time, Brittney enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She likes to hunt, fish, and attend church. Brittney has a daughter and two dogs, Jesse and Jax.

Technical Staff

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Darlene Mikesell, Technician Supervisor

Darlene is a full-time, lead technician at Ocoee Animal Hospital. She joined the hospital in 2007, with twenty years of experience in the animal care field. Some of Darlene’s responsibilities include patient care, and assisting doctors during exams and surgeries. Darlene enjoys working with a like-minded staff, who are all dedicated to providing great service to our pet community.

Darlene has six pets of her own, three cats and three dogs. When she isn’t working, she loves to spend time with her family and grandchildren. Darlene also loves to sew, when she can find the time!

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Donna Sneed, Veterinary Technician

Veterinary Technician Donna Sneed joined our team in September of 1980. For over 37 years, she has devoted her life to animal care. She comes to Ocoee Animal Hospital with experience.

In her spare time, she enjoys fishing, camping and going to the beach. She also feeds a few stray cats in her neighborhood.

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Tamme Bell, Veterinary Assistant

Tamme has been a veterinary assistant at Ocoee Animal Hospital since 2004. She has 13 years of experience working with animals. She is responsible for monitoring patient care and assisting the doctors. She enjoys learning new skills. Tamme shares her home with chickens, 4 dogs and 2 cats. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling and baking.

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Jacque Moore, Veterinary Assistant

Jacque has been a Veterinary Assistant for over nineteen years. She has been married for fourteen years and has one son, one dog, Lily, and four cats, Wicket, Bob, Pan and Zipper.

Sandi Tuggle, Veterinary Assistant

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

As a veterinary assistant with Ocoee Animal Hospital since 2012, Sandi’s responsibilities include holding patients during exams, taking vitals, radiology & ordering for the hospital. She enjoys working with animals that are injured or very ill as “it’s rewarding to watch them get better and be able to go home.”

Sandi brings a sense of humour and a good attitude to our team. She can make even the worst day better by injecting laughter into our days.

Her favorite part of working with Ocoee is the high level of quality care that Ocoee Animal Hospital offers to each and every one of their patients.

While her free time at home is limited, she does enjoy kayaking and spending time with her 4 dogs, 3 cats, 4 chickens and parakeet.

Shawna Taylor, Veterinary Assistant

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Shawna is a veterinary assistant with 16-plus years of experience in the field. In addition to her work at Ocoee Animal Hospital, she is also a pet sitter and pet photographer. Her favorite part of working in animal hospitals is “drawing blood & meeting sweet animals,: she says. Shawna also enjoys the fast pace of her day and the relationship she has with her co-workers. Day to day, she is responsible for drawing blood, communicating with clients and assisting our veterinarians.

She shares her home with Kiki, a 15 year old cat. When not at Ocoee Animal Hospital, she enjoys pet sitting, traveling, concerts and spending time with her daughter, Sydney.

Amy M. Ross, Veterinary Assistant

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Amy Ross has been a veterinary assistant at Ocoee Animal Hospital since May of 2016. Her responsibilities include obtaining blood and feces samples, taking radiographs, preparing vaccines and updating patient records. She brings to work each day a willingness to work and a positive attitude and enjoys interacting with clients and patients most.

Amy has over 13 years of experience in the field as a veterinary assistant and is working towards becoming a Veterinary Technician. Amy also has a unique background with a Bachelor’s of Science in Early Childhood Education.

When not at Ocoee Animal Hospital, she spends her time with her 2 dogs and her American Quarter Horse. She also enjoys hiking with her husband, trail riding with friends, and spending time with her 2 awesome grandsons!

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Hunter L. Patterson, Veterinary Assistant

As a veterinary assistant, Hunter helps assist the Doctors and keeps a close eye on the well being of those in his care. Additionally, he helps to keep treatment areas clean and patients happy. He joined the staff in January of 2016 and is working towards a degree in the veterinary field.

Hunter most enjoys learning new skills at Ocoee Animal Hospital and working with a great team.

In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, breeding goats & cattle and taking care of his 2 dogs.

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Jessi Bee, Veterinary Assistant

Jessi has been a part of the team for almost a year (Feb). Jessi brings to our office a contagious positive attitude and comic relief! She also is responsible for taking patient information, drawing blood, running labs and keeping our patients comfortable during their visits.

Jessi says, “Ocoee Animal Hospital has a sense of family that makes the work week go by happily. The client-employee relationship is friendly as well!” Jessi shares her home with: a middle-aged Redtick Coonhound (Luanne Joy), a classic Heinz 57 (Ridge Jasper), Rowdy Speed, a Wayward Black & Tan, and 2 cats, Deborah Rene & Anjuna Lela.

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Adam Knowles, Technician Assistant

Adam has worked at Ocoee almost two years. He enjoys working with animals and helping them to get better. In his early years his dream was to become a Veterinarian.

Brad Norton, Technician Assistant

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

New to the animal related field, Brad Norton has been with Ocoee Animal Hospital since September 2016. Brad’s job responsibilities include holding pets for examinations, assisting in blood draws and more. His favorite part of the job is interacting with (and loving) the animals.

Brad is currently enrolled in Penn Foster Vet Technician degree program. Brad says, “the people I work with have the biggest impact on my work life. I love all of them!”

At home, Brad has a 10-year-old Boxer named Tyson and a 1-year-old ShiPoo named Daisy Mae. He spends his free time dirtbiking, cliff jumping and playing basketball.

Amanda, Large Animal Veterinary Technician

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Amanda is an integral member of our Ocoee Animal Hospital team and assists in all aspects of the large animal department including, but not limited to, technical assistant, receptionist, bookkeeping, surgical assistant, lab technician, “keeper of the truck,” and official “go-for.”

“Long before my employment at Ocoee, their reputation as being one of the top animal hospitals in the area preceded them. After being out of the animal care field for a few years, I was thrilled with the opportunity to work for their hospital. Not only does Ocoee care for the wellbeing and safety of the animals they treat, but they also care for the safety of their employees. I have never worked with a more knowledgeable and caring team of Doctors and staff! It is so rewarding to come to work every day to a place and career I enjoy. I say it all the time - I am truly blessed to be employed at Ocoee Animal Hospital!”

Outside of work, Amanda enjoys photography, music, and spending time with family and friends. She is a local and is familiar with the Blue Ridge area and also enjoys the great outdoors.

Amanda also has 2 cats - both named after the Beatles songs: Sgt. Pepper (who answers to CatCat) and Maxwell Edison.

Kennel Staff

Emily Dilbeck, Kennel Manager

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Kennel Manager Emily Dilbeck has been with Ocoee Animal Hospital since April 2017 and spends each day caring for boarding animals and hospitalized patients. In addition to her duties with the animals who board here, she also oversees the entire kennel team. Prior to working here, she worked as a dog daycare manager, boarding manager and Veterinary Assistant.

Emily works especially well with nervous or aggressive animals and brings a wide range of experience to the team. She has also taken several dog behaviour courses to help her excel in this role adding, “I take dog behavior classes online in my free time and help moderate an online dog forum.”

When not working or studying, Emily spends time with her own pets, hiking, swimming and playing fetch. She has a small menagerie at home including 2 cats and 6 dogs.

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Trish Parks, Animal Caretaker

Trish has worked at Ocoee Animal Hospital since 2011. She loves living in the North Georgia Mountains! She has two great kids and one grandson.

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Hannah Love, Animal Caretaker

Hannah is an Animal Caretaker who loves working the weekends!

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Analea Cioffi, Kennel Assistant

Analea has been with Ocoee Animal Hospital as a Kennel Assistant since April, 2015.

Cindy Toucher, Kennel Assistant

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Say hello to Cindy Toucher, one of our hard-working kennel assistants who has been with Ocoee Animal Hospital since November, 2015. Cindy works part-time, keeping our kennels clean and in tip-top shape, walking and bathing dogs, feeding cats and dogs, and much more! The part of her job that Cindy enjoys most is being able to interact with the animals that come into our facility.

Cindy has been working in the veterinary field for over 20 years. She worked at an animal shelter beginning in July of 1998 prior to coming to Ocoee Animal Hospital. There, she developed an interest and passion for helping animals, which she brings with her to Ocoee each day.

At home, Cindy shares her residence with a 14-year-old Australian Cattle Dog, named Toby, and a 14-year-old Persian cat named Furbee. She also owns a young squirrel that is only 6 months old, who goes by the name of Rat. Cindy loves to rehabilitate wild animals, and see their progression. In her free time, Cindy enjoys hiking and bird watching.

Corey Stillwell, Kennel Assistant

Meet Kennel Assistant Corey Stillwell, a member of Ocoee Animal Hospital since July 2017. Corey helps to take care of and monitor all dogs that come into our clinic. Additionally, he watches over cats and pitches in to assist other staff where needed. Corey enjoys working with animals and exceeding client expectations. He also takes great pride in responsible and fast work.

“I love working with animals and caring for them. It is an awesome learning environment and I learn something new every day,” he says.

When not at Ocoee Animal Hospital, he enjoys spending time outdoors with his girlfriend hiking, swimming, fishing and hunting. He shares his home with 7 dogs: Red, Scruff, Shilo, Spunky, Itchy, Stubbs, and Buddy. He also has 2 turtles, Tat & Speedy, and 1 cat, Smokey.

Ivie Wilson, Kennel Assistant

Kennel Assistant Ivie joined Ocoee Animal Hospital in July 2017.While this is Ivie’s first job in the field, she has a lifelong passion for animals. She is a member of HOSA and has studied Veterinary Sciences for 3+ years. Her responsibilities include caring for our boarders and patients. She most enjoys meeting the clients and the hands on learning experience.

“Everyone in the hospital / clinic was very welcoming when i started. Each took the time to explain each task I might encounter,” she says.

Ivie has two pets at home, including a Boxer named Ivory and a cat named Sassy. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, reading, and spending time with her family.

Abby Tennison, Kennel Assistant

Blue Ridge, GA veterinary staff

Abby Tennison joined the Ocoee Animal Hospital team in October of 2017, and since has been hard-working member of our talented and caring kennel staff. Abby is responsible with caring for and looking after our clients’ pets, but what she enjoys most about her position with us is being able to groom large dogs. “I love being in an environment where people feel the same about animals as I do,” Abby says.

Before coming to Ocoee Animal Hospital, Abby learned about and administered training for moderate service dogs and protection training. Abby has protection trained her own pets, a German Shepherd named Remi, and a Pit Bull named Bruno, ensuring that her home is protected.

While she is not at work, Abby enjoys passing the time by learning about new conspiracy theories, reading, and training her dogs. She also aspires to train dogs and loves teaching them new behavioral habits.

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