Curbside Appointments

Curbside Appointments
February 1, 2021

Appointment Check-in/Check-out Process (February 2021)

Adjustments continue to be necessary as the Covid-19 virus is still affecting our community. With this in mind, please follow these steps when bringing your pet in for Veterinary care:

  1. Please leave your pet in the car for a few minutes while you come into the front lobby to check in with our reception staff (Please DO NOT LOCK YOUR KEYS IN THE CAR) ??
  2. Once checked in with the receptionists, please return to your car to stay with your pet until a technician calls your cell phone and asks you to bring your pet in for his/her appointment
  3. The technician will gather as much information over the phone prior to asking you to bring your pet into the office
  4. The technician will meet you in the lobby to take your pet into an exam room. You will be asked to have a seat in the reception lobby while services are being performed
    ***PLEASE NOTE: to limit exposure, we are not allowing pet owners into the exam rooms until the doctor has completed the exam and provided all services requested***
    (This part of the process is to help keep both you and our staff as safe as possible)
  5. Once the doctor has completed the exam and provided all services requested the doctor will speak with you regarding his/her findings and will answer any questions you may have
  6. A receptionist will then call you up to the desk to go over the invoice and collect payment (this may take a few minutes as the doctor may have prescribed medications to be filled for your pet)
  7. Once payment has been posted for services rendered, you will receive a receipt and be ready to take your pet home (they will be happy to head out those glass doors) 

We understand this process is not perfect and takes a little extra time. Your time is valuable and we will do our best to be as efficient as possible. Thank you for your patience and kindness when interacting with our staff. Hopefully things will return to “normal” soon.