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Ocoee Animal Hospital

Ocoee Animal Hospital was established as a small country practice in 1978.

Today it is a full-service veterinary practice, with 7 doctors with over 120 years combined experience practicing veterinary medicine in Fannin County and the Tri-State area of Georgia, Tennessee & North Carolina.

We are a mixed practice that treats both small (companion) animals and large (farm) animals.

Incorporated under the name North Georgia Veterinary Service, P.C. in 1983, the hospital has experienced tremendous growth since we moved in 1999 to our present facility at 88 All Creatures place in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Please take some time to read about our animal hospital and find out why you should choose us as your pet care partner now and for years to come—then give us a call at (706) 632-7387.

Hospital Hours

Mon-Fri: 8:30am-5:30pm

Saturday: 8:30am-12:00pm

Surgery Admission: 8:30am

early drop off available

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Warning to pet owners

Due to a decision made by the EPA in 2008, manufacturers of rat and mice poisons are using Bromethalin as the new toxin of choice. Contrary to historic use of anticoagulants in rodenticides, which can be tested for and treated, Bromethalin has NO TEST to detect its presence and NO ANTIDOTE.

Bromethalin is a neurotoxin which causes bleeding in the brain and can lead to altered mental states of hyper-excitation, depression, staggering, seizures, and coma. Severity of symptoms is dose dependent, but symptoms occur faster, are much harder to diagnose, and much more difficult to treat.

There are still anticoagulant rodenticides available, primarily manufactured by D-Con. As with all poisons, read the label carefully, and avoid even accidental exposure and death by selecting products wisely and taking great care to avoid ingestion by any unattended animal or child.