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Pet Electrocardiography

Snapshots of your pet's functioning heart.

Electrocardiographs (ECG) are snapshots of how your pet’s heart functions. These are very helpful at detecting numerous types of arrhythmias as well as a handful of other cardiac conditions that can be difficult to identify through a stethoscope. You probably have seen an ECG machine—also known as an EKG machine—or have had one of these tests in your doctor’s office as they are commonly used to test for and diagnose common heart conditions in humans.

An ECG test is a noninvasive procedure that involves simply connecting a handful of electrodes to your pet's skin. The machine will read the electrical impulses coming from the heart as the heart works to pump blood and provide a graph for your veterinarian to read. If we notice any abnormalities we will explain them to you and advise you on next steps.

If your pet experiences heart murmurs or irregular heartbeats, reach out to us at (706) 632-7387 to discuss whether an electrocardiogram could be used to help us identify and treat an underlying condition such as heart disease. 

$city Pet Echocardiography